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AAU Cubesat   operational   Launched June 30, 2003
9600 baud GMSK on 437.450MHz (CW in "safe" mode)
ANDE future launch USN
AO-7 operational Operational only in sunlight - no battery power
AO-10 semi-operational
AO-16 (PACSAT) operational Digipeater and WOD - No BBS
AO-27 operational
AO-38 (OPAL) non-operational
AO-40 unknown /
My AO-40 page / AMSAT-DL's AO-40 Page
AO-49 non-operational RUBIN-2 / SAFIR-M
BlueSat future launch UNSW - Australia
Buzzsat   future launch   GA-Tech.
CANX-1   unknown   Launched June 30, 2003
437.88MHz (two-tone 1200 & 1800)
Latest info
CESAR-1 future launch
Citizen Explorer   future launch   University of Colorado
Secondary payload on a Delta II launch target Nov 2004 into 700km 
98 degree inclination orbit. Payload will experiment with PPP and IP 
protocols and other research projects including battery technologies.
Cubesat RAFT   future launch   USN
CUTE-1   operational   Launched June 30, 2003
CW Beacon 436.8375, packet 437.470
CUTE-1.7   operational   2005 Launch, 70cm CW Beacon, 
70cm down / 1.2 gHz up (AX.25, FM. SRLL
2m for control - Digipeater to be open to public - Ham Radio Info
CUTE-II   future launch   After CUTE-1.7
DTUsat   unknown   Launched June 30, 2003
436.675 MHz LSB - 2400 baud AFSK packet
EMERALD future launch 437.475 TX/RX - 145.xx cross-link RX
Falconsat 3   future launch   Air Force Academy - Will consist of a Pacsat type 
store and forward package - 145MHz uplink at 9k6 
with 7 watt, 435MHz downlink either 9k6, 38k4, or 76k8. 
Launch date predicted Oct 2006 from Cape Canaveral.
FO-20 operational Operational when not in eclipse
FO-29 operational  
GO-32 operational BBS open
HANDSAT future launch
HAUSAT-1   future launch   Hankuk Aviation University - Seoul
ICEcube 1 & 2   future launch   Cornell University.
Will down link in 435MHz band when over Ithaca NY.
IO-26 semi-operational ITAMSAT
ION   future launch   University of Illinois (70cm downlink)
ISS operational
KEO   future launch
KIWISAT   future launch 2M down links and uplinks on 70cm and 23cm (FM & linear)
KO-23 non-operational
KO-25 non-operational Beacon noise only
KUTESat-Pathfinder   future launch   University of Kansas
LO-19 semi-operational New Website
MARScom   future launch   USN
MEROPE Cubesat future launch Expected to be launched Fall 2003
Downlink: 437.445 MHz and Uplink 145.835
MO-46 (Tiungsat-1) operational 38,400 Baud
MSU Cubesat future launch Downlink 145.810 and Uplink 145.990
NCube   future launch   Norwegian Space Center
2m up and 70cms down digipeater.
NO-44 (PCSAT) operational
NO-45 (Saphire) operational Digipeater on along with Unmodulated carrier
*** Do not use BBS ***
Oscar Eagle future launch Expected to be launched in 2006
Oscar Echo / AO51 operational Launched in 29 June 2004
More info - here and here.
Orion   future launch    
PEHUENSAT-1   future launch   Educational Satellite by the School of 
Engineering in Argentina.  TX 145.825
1200 baud AX.25
Phase 3-E   future launch   AMSAT-DL
Phase 5-A   future launch   AMSAT-DL
PCSAT2 future launch Prototype Info
Picosats (IDEFIX) non-operational
PO-28/POSAT operational  (not for amateur use)
PO-34 operational (not for amateur use)
Quakesat   operational   Launched June 30, 2003
9600 packet on 436.675MHz
Packets decoded by me
RS12/13 non-operational
RS15 operational QSO's reported near end of February 2003
RS-20 non-operational MOZHAYRTS
RS-21 non-operational
RS-22   operational   Mozhayets-4 aka RS-22, NASA catalog # 27939
Downlink 145.840 (not heard) and 435.352 FM/CW
Satellitenwelt writes: When in range of "Moshaiski Militar-weltraum-akademie"
 in Sankt Petersburg Russia (60N,30E) it will send data packets.
SaudiSat 2   unknown   Launched 29 June 2004 together with Oscar Echo.
Not known if this satellite is Amateur Radio related.
SEEDS   future launch   Dept of Aerospace Eng - Nihon Univ. Japan. 
Will use AX25 for data and telemetry downlink on 70cms 
and also carry a 70cms CW beacon TX. Planned winter 2004 
launch into a 500-700km sun synchronous 98 degree orbit.
SO-33 semi-operational
SO-41 operational  
SO-42 unknown Last reported as "testing - expected to be operational soon"
SO-43 (Starshine) non-operational
SO-50 operational Saudisat 1C - Need 67hz tone on uplink
Standford Cubesat future launch
Stensat   non-operational    
TO-31 non-operational
UNISAT-2 unknown Launched December 20, 2002
145.933 MHz UniSat-2 9600bps Telemetry
148.135 MHz FM
UNISAT-3   unknown /
GMSK heard
  University of Rome - launched 29 June 2004 
together with Oscar Echo.  Intended to contain a V/U FM 
transponder and 9k6 GMSK telemetry downlink.   GMSK 
downlink heard on 435.275 over Europe but not in USA.
Originally proposed to use the same frequencies as 
are used by AO-27.
UO-11 operational Downlink only - More info - here
UO-14 non-operational Declared at "end of life" by control operators
UO-22 non-operational Had battery problems - non-operational now
UO-36 unknown
VOXSAT future launch
VUSAT operational AMSAT India - Transponder Freq: 435.25 UL / 145.90 DL
Beacons: 145.860MHz(Dutch)/145.940MHz(Indian)
XI-IV   operational   Launched June 30, 2003
Beacon 436.8475
XI-V   future launch   Intelligent Space Systems Lab - Univ. of Tokyo

Updated: 13 September 2005
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