KD4APP - (AO-40) X-band Information

I have decided not to purchase the DB6NT MKU-10-OSCAR receiver ($300), since it looks like the AO-40 X-band (10GHz) TX is not functional. 

I did purchase a full fledged commercial surplus X-band transverter system made by MA/COM - the "RAPAC" unit, also called a "white box" - so I can learn about X-band. I am converting this to work in the 10Ghz HAM band.

My 60cm X-band dish.

MA/COM RAPAC X-band transverter system - aka "white box"  - as received.
Conversion Info

Conversion article by G3PHO
20v and -5v power supply info

Conversion article by WA6CGR

The first step is to remove all but the essential components. I added the WR-90 to SMA adapter (with red cover on SMA) for testing. The box on the left is the LO and the other contains the TX and RX mixers, etc.


Here's the T/R relay switch for the IF (144MHz) radio interface. It is a AOS144 from Down East Microwave.  This will also attenuate the output of the IF transmitter down from 25W to 100mW to avoid damage to the White Box. I built the power supplies - see below.

The 20 volt power supply I built.

-5v power supply I built - top and bottom views. I have not added the 1uF filter capacitors on the input and output leads of the 7805 because I accidentally threw them away - those little surface mounts sure are small.
New power supplies mounted in the original power supply lid.
January 31, 2002: Current status of my "White Box".
The 106.5MHz crystal to change the LO to make a
144MHz IF = 10.368GHz TX/RX.

Crystals are available from:
Vectron International
(513) 542-5555 - Ask for Kay
$50.00 ea.. + shipping + COD

Here's the specifications I gave them...
Part # 184-07-14
106.5 mHz
1ppm (5ppm or better OK)
HC36U holder
Oven temperature of 70 degrees
The tripod I will use with my system.


Last updated: April 15, 2002