KD4APP Uni_Trac Page  


I own and use a Uni_Trac system - I use it for rotator and radio automation on my amateur satellite system.
  • I administer a Uni_Trac mailing list to allow Uni_Trac users and vendors a place to exchange ideas and information.  To join the Uni_Trac users email list simply send a blank email to 
  • E.T. Electronics - Manufacturer of the new Uni_Trac 2003 hardware
  • See my Uni_Trac ECP Interface (parallel port hardware) - here
  • The Uni_Trac upgrade page from Spectrum International is here
  • ZL2AMD's Uni_Trac website - here
  • Download my .SAT files for UniTrac 2000 version 2.2.x - here