Old Satellite Station of KD4APP

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     The antennas on the roof. 

My 70cm RHCP antenna is on the left and my 2m antenna is on the right.

70cm antenna: 16-element RHC polarized yagi. The specs. are 14.07dbc forward gain (between 435 and 436 MHZ) Front to back ratio 19db, E 36.4 degrees, H 40.2 degrees and overall boom length is around 70 Inches. Has 8 horizontal and 8 vertical elements with 1/4 wavelength spacing. Price is under $200 including the phasing lines. These are available for purchase from Pete at the GACA (Gulf Alpha Communications Antenna Inc) website at - sometimes he sells them on eBay as vhfantennas.

2-meter antenna: Cushcraft 4-element vertically polarized yagi.

S-band antenna: 18" DSS dish with 5 1/2 turn helix.

Rotator: I use a Yaesu G-5500 AZ/EL rotator - click here to see rotator info from AES. I'm using UniTrac for rotator and radio tuning automation.

     A view inside. 

Top: Yeasu FT-847 and Radio Shack 10-meter, Nova software, UniTrac software and WDECPSK (used for decoding IDEFIX telemetry). I use AORCV to decode AO-40 telemetry.

Bottom: G-5500 rotator interface, Yaesu power supply, MFJ power distribution, power inserter for Down East Microwave 13ULNA, and my 3733 TranSystem converter.


Last updated: 12 March 2003